yes we can! wow!

last night as the polls were closing and the election data was coming in, I stayed up to date by flipping around the tv channels AND visiting several websites.

I was impressed by the interactive maps and information design of the NYTimes and MSNBC. Both sites had very clear information, fun interactions to get more specific information and both refreshed automatically so I didnt’ have to. These sites are a terrific example of how to use the technology to deliver information. This, along with my personal twitter stream was more informative in many ways than the tv pundits who became very boring after awhile.

msnbc election dashboard

NY Times interactive map

These sites were clear, stayed up, performed well under what I am sure was great load and were examples of how robust and real-time the interaction can be.

Needless to say I was impressed and am now wondering if the sites were built in house or did these news outlets use outside agencies for the design and build.

Anyone know?

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