I am currently a Professor at CCA teaching a variety of classes across the Interaction Design undergraduate program and am Chair of the program. 

Courses Developed

History of Interaction Design
IXDSN 3600
Media History 
SP2024, F2023, SP2022, F2020  
Read about my first semester teaching this course
Visual Syllabus 2024 (pdf)

Interaction Design Foundations
IXDSN 2000
IXD Core: Sophomore level
SP2023, F2021, F2019, F2018, F2017 
[Syllabus] [Reading List] 

Visual Interaction Design & UI
IXDSN 2300
IXD Core: Sophomore level
F2020, F2018, F2017, F2016, F2015
[Syllabus] [Reading List]  

Advanced Visual Interaction Design
IXDSN 3500
Junior / Senior level elective
SP2018, SP2017 

Systems for Interaction Designers
IXDSN 2100
IXD Core: Sophomore level
SP2020, SP2019, SP2018, SP2017  
[Syllabus] [Reading List]

IXDSN 3200 / IXDSN 2600
IXD Core: Junior level – Sophomore level
(course is moving from junior to sophomore level)
F2019, F2018 
[Syllabus] [Reading List]

IXDSN 6700
Graduate level