Writing and Styling and Posting, oh my

As the writing of the book hits a good momentum, we are starting to share our work with our editors and the patterns with the public. It’s an interesting process, in that we are writing in DocBook – an xml format – and doing all the styling for the final online presentation as we go. And I have been trying to post finished patterns to the patterns.wiki.

I feel like there has to be a better way. I am touching each of the chapters and patterns three times. I write in Word, then copy into the XMLMind software and format the text. Then I copy to the wiki and do wiki syntax on  everything. It’s tedious and I am not sure how to streamline the process. If someone has any ideas for making this part of the process smoother.

We also have a slew of folks helping us out with short essays in areas that they are experts in. They are starting to come in – can’t wait to share.

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