ia summit 2009 talk on designing social interfaces

Christian Crumlish and I brought out some of the material we have been working on for you book and gave a talk at the IA Summit. We tried to provide a handful of real world scenarios with which a designer might find themselves in and then offer some possible solutions from the pattern set. The solutions are the tip of the iceberg and are only possible considerations when faced with these situations.

The designer must always consider their context and business goals when considering a possible solution but we hope that the patterns offer some answers to those considerations and ways to frame certain problems. In reality, there are more patterns in each family that might provide an appropriate approach.

We are working through some other scenarios and I welcome your thoughts on situations you may have faced when designing in this space.

The talk went well for a first draft and will continue to evolve and be improved. We are doing a long version workshop at Web2.0 in a couple of weeks.

current: experience matters design :: senior level interaction design and systems strategy consulting former partner, tangible user experience; Yahoo! founder of the public and internal Yahoo! pattern library. design director of ued teams responsible for designing solutions across key yahoo! platforms: social media, personalization, membership and vertical search.