The UX of Sales :: A small book

I have embarked on the process of writing a small book about this and have decided to preview much of the material here on my site and on Medium.

Here is a tentative table of contents that I am going to cover in this material.


Part 1: The UX of Sales

The way we used to do things – a short story
The UX Process: A refresher
Discovery Process – pt. 1 – The Funnel
Discovery Process – pt 2 – The Questions
Identifying Your Users – The Buyers
Definition – Defining the Proposal
Testing and Iterating
The Final Proposal Delivery
Showing Your Work & What to do About RFPs?
8 Lessons Learned

Part 2: Telling Your Story

Intro to part 2
Learnings from a hiring manager
Selling Yourself
What Hiring Managers Are Looking For
The Package – Bio, Resume, Portfolio
For the Interaction Designer
For the Visual Designer
For the Design Manager
Presenting your work
5 Lessons for junior designers
To agencies
To in house teams
To start-ups
The Design exercise
The pros and cons

Part 3: Closing The Deal

Business Matters
Legal Stuff
The Contract or Statement of Work (SOW)
Hourly versus Time and Materials
Bringing on subcontractors

Wrap Up