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Sunday 11|17|02
Paintings of Lascaux

When I was in art school, one of the classes I loved best was art history. Most of my classmates despised it - sitting in the dark, listening to the professor drone on while showing slides of old stuff that had no relevance to the modern world. I guess for me, I loved art history because of the connections. Visibly seeing the world progress. I feel the same way about design history. Understanding and following history means you can visually track changes in culture, in the way people think. One of the most interesting connections, for me, was when I realized that art history related to world history and anthropology. The connections, the motivations and the perspective made me want to KNOW, to LEARN.

One of the best and first examples of these connections can be found in the paintings at Lascaux, in France. The cave paintings of Lascaux can be now be visited, virtually. These paintings are prime examples of story telling and early culture and are beautiful works of art and communication.

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