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Wednesday 02|20|02
Hockney Interview

While exploring the Getty Museum site, I came across their video gallery. This video interview (requires Real) with David Hockney talks about the Pearblossom Highway piece and about his process for making the image/collage and his way of seeing. Interesting stuff.

Other weird videos are featured on their homepage in a Video of the day feature.

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Watch and Learn

Marc Rettig is teaching a course at CMU that is taking on the design of the museum experience. Very cool. The site is capturing the process and findings of the three student teams and contains a lot of interesting stuff.

PeterMe recently noticed this as well and there are some good links being shared in the comments.

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Bringing Graphic Design and Programming Together

The Human Interaction Design Protocol site is a project attempting to bring together the two fields of Graphic Design and Programming. The project is the Thesis research of Sean T. Brennan and was done as part of his requirements for an MS degree in Communication Design from Pratt Institute.

The project attempts to answer or provide opportunities to answer and discuss the a variety of questions including the following:
"How do educators ensure that designers are ready to face the challenges of understanding, communicating and integrating programming and technological issues into their careers?

As for designers, how can they ensure they are keeping up with technological changes by learning about things that may effect their work and their value?

How can the gap be bridged between technologists/ programmers and graphic designers?

As frustration between software technologists and those on the creative end increase every day, how do we ensure graphic designers entering the work force are able to interact with the technical constraints of programmers and developers?

Can a unified and mutually respectable understanding of where the other person is coming from in order to successfully see a project through completion be developed? "

These are great questions to think about and to bring up for dialog.

The site assumes each side knows nothing about the other and offers down to earth information, resource lists, definitions of typical industry terms and jargon and a notables section for each discipline.

If you have been working in the industry for awhile, most of this information is not new, but if you are having problems with a programmer not understanding where you come from this site might give them some good background information.

The site is still a work in progress and the author is soliciting contributions.

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Wednesday 02|13|02
Fortune Smiles Upon Us

Following the theme of sharing Magazine information - this site presents a lot of really cool information about Fortune Magazine, it's beginnings, the great covers and their artists as well as the fabulous information graphics that were a staple of the magazine in the thirties and forties.

The bulk of the info - the chronology, the cover images, the info graphics are primarily from the 1930's. Cover images shown are from some of the greats - including: Herbert Matter, Herbert Bayer, Fernand Leger, Joseph Binder and George Giusti

What the site lacks in logical IA and slick graphic design is made up for in the discovery of the subject matter. The covers alone are worthy of scrutiny for their use classic Poster compositions. Exploring the covers over time reveals the influence of the Bauhaus style and composition as it came to America and the collection shows that understanding business and money doesn't have to be dull.

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Tuesday 02|12|02
More Magazine Madness

Everyone is talking about the online archive of Life Magazine covers over at the site. They go back to 1936 and are a great historical account of our culture over time - up to 1972. Wonder when they will get the 1972 - today posted? Some of the more recent issue covers are part of the Wacky Covers and Classic Covers subsections they have called out.

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More About Eye

Some more info from this newly discovered blog City of Sound includes the original email announcing the new Eye magazine site and why it is different than other online magazine. Also has some a couple interesting comments.

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Friday 02| 8|02
Eye Magazine Online

Eye Magazine, one of my favorite design journals, is now available on line. The printed quarterly is rich and meaty reading across the discipline of Typography, Design and Design History.

Unfortunately, the site is hit or miss as to whether the article is actually published on the site or just its metadata. The site structure is difficult to navigate, but there seems to be a lot of good cross-referencing. The site has implemented a "concept index" to tie concepts to articles but I couldn't really get it to work in a way that meant anything to me.

Hopefully they will work out some of the kinks and expand the site to be as good as the printed journal.

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Tuesday 02| 5|02
The first SouthBay Cocktail Hour Report

We held our first ever SouthBay IA/UE cocktail last night on the AOL/Netscape campus. In the lovely cafeteria. About 20 people came, with food and drink and great ideas for future gatherings. Christina Wodtke was in attendance - as a newly transplanted SouthBay resident - and gave us a brief history of the SF Cocktails and past topics and structure. We mingled and mixed and then gathered in a big circle to introduce ourselves and then brainstorm ideas for future Cocktail agendas.

I have posted the topic ideas for comments (click more...) and we will be working on creating a dedicated site to house the event announcements, maps&directions, ideas, reading lists, email addresses - for those who wish - and pics of the cocktails as they happen.

Thanks everyone who came - we missed all of you who couldn't make it. (Please let me know if you want to be added to the announcement list)

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