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Tuesday 09| 2|03
Esquire Magazine

Every cover of Esquire Magazine from 1933 to the most current issue.

The first several years have weird claymation looking type figures as illustrations on the covers. Reminds me of the 1960's classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and that other one that had the Heat Meiser in it.

According to the site these are:

The Esky Years
These are the year's when Esquire's cover was dominated by our mascot, Esky, a mischievous little man whose interests ranged from mountain-climbing to soldiering to — on one special occasion — trying to climb into Elizabeth Taylor's cleavage.

Weird. But still —overall it's an interesting collection that chronicles time through design trends and style. There's even an aalphabetical subject index to peruse if you don't feel like trudging through 70 years of covers.

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Monday 12|30|02
Loop 6

The latest issue of Loop - AIGA's journal on interaction design - is out and is focusing on the history of experience design.

There is a really good virtual panel discussion about what the history of this field should be. When does it start, how it should be archived and documented as well as taught to up and coming practioners?

The panelists are from a range of disciplines and current experiences - educators (Philip Meggs, Brenda Laurel, Jodi Forlizzi, Peter Lyman), IAs (Peter Morville), interaction designers (Hugh Dubberly, Nathan Shedroff, Challis Hodge). They raise some good questions and offer some interesting answers.

There are two other interesting articles on archiving the Web - an interview with Brewster Kahle, creator of the Internet Archive - and a paper commissioned by the Library of Congress.

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Saturday 12| 7|02

If you appreciate new typography and follow the release of new typefaces, want to read interesting articles about design, and have a penchant for new musical talent then the online magazine Jazz is for you.

The articles are presented in English, but are also available in Spanish and the current issue is the third in the series. Brought to you by Argentinan graphic and type designer, Ramiro Espinoza and with articles by Marcelo Soler, Marta Zatoni and Jaap Roos, I guarantee you will enjoy every page of this smart, well designed and well written site.

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Thursday 12| 5|02
Aspen Magazine

From 1965 to 1971, a multimedia magazine of the arts was published by Phyllis Johnson. Dubbed Aspen, the magazine was to feature "culture along with play," was bundled and sent to subscribers in boxes and each issue designed by a different artist and editor and included multimedia - way before we were calling things multimedia (this meant inlcuding phonograph records and a reel of super-8 film.

This site is a web version of the magazine. There is a rich description of the original premise and includes issues 1 through 9. Guest artists and editors included Andy Warhol and David Dalton, Quenton Fiore, George Maciunas and Dan Graham. Contents of the magazine include the work of William Burroughs, Marshall Mcluhan, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and David Hockney among others.

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Thursday 09|12|02
Gain is back

Gain the online design journal is back - more focused on the intersection between business and design. Some interesting articles on brand and value. Also interesting is how they actually implemented the site - the main navigation pops out to expose a scroll bar when needed. Kind of neat. Getting back to home though is another matter - the page stalls (on a mac) and then crashes the application - not the best user experience.

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Thursday 09| 5|02
Communication Arts Interactive Design Winners

CA has posted the winners of the Eighth Annual Interactive Design Annual.

There are blurbs from each of the jurors and each winner has its own page with an overview about the project, contributor's credits and creator's comments. There are a lot of folks here in several different categories and there are video clips of commentary from each of the jurors as well. This is going to take a while to get through.

I like the fact that they offer two links to the projects as well. One to the live site and one to a cached version. Which seems nice considering how fast and how often sites change.

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Wednesday 08|14|02

The creators of atlas magazine, one of my favorite sites from early in the days of the web, have just published a book. The old atlas issues are back up for your enjoyment. Even today, 4 years after their last issue, they still seem fresh and interesting.

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Tuesday 08|13|02
Small Pieces

We published a review today of "Small Pieces Loosely Joined", by David Weinberger, over on Boxes and Arrows. It's a good summary by Andrew Hinton of a really interesting book about the Web phenomenon. Over on Salon, Scott Rosenberg, compares the thoughts of Weinberger to those of John Motavalli who recently wrote "Bamboozled at the Revolution". The essay is very interesting and looks at the two views of the web revolution.

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Tuesday 07|16|02
AIGA ED Summit Review

I wrote up a lengthy review/overview of the summit for Boxes and Arrows. So it won't be on this site - but do go over there and check it out and leave comments if you wish.

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Tuesday 06|25|02
New BandA Issue

New issue of Boxes and Arrows is up. This week - an article by Nathan Shedroff about designing for people rather than computers and a review of the Hillman Curtiss book "Making the Invisible Visible: Process, Inspiration and Practice for the New Media Designer".

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