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Tuesday 01|21|03
Golden Mean

An interesting article discussing the Golden Mean and its appearance in art, science and nature.

Posted by erin at 01:25 PM | in Theory


I was sitting in my room and searching for job in the design field, I came a cross to your web, I find that very simple and touching site, communicating well with heart of the reader, some happy pictures, I did like that. I live in London. And recently I have feeling that I need to fly and fallow my desire, but I have no idea of American life style and living atmosphere over there this is my first time doing this, writing to a friend over the long distant ocean! Asking for favour.
I would be grateful If you could give me some tip about if I come over where is the best step to start with, or where do I have to go to look for my kind of the job. I am product designer graduated.

Posted by Behnaz at January 24, 2003 05:48 AM

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