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Monday 08|12|02
A Must Hear

Matt Haughey points me to a really interesting presentation (8mb flash - but really worth the download) given by Lawrence Lessig at OSCON about the nature/history of copyright and technology layered with today's politics. This is definitely some heavy food for thought - especially if you are a creator or user of anything - media, music, books, movies, software etc.

I have mixed feelings about the thoughts that Lessig puts forth. as a creator, I believe in some protection for my work. As an employee of a large media conglomerate I probably should be showing loyalty to the initiatives they are pursuing in protecting this realm - not that I agree with them. BUT - I am totally supportive of creation, of a limit to the years I hold copyright and of the need for works to build on the past. I believe in free exploration of ideas and frankly I like the idea of sharing music and other things. I believe that innovation comes out of this freedom. Lessig makes some incredible points that should be seriously considered.

Follow this up with Dan Gillmor's latest about the copyright debate.

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