The news is out – Yahoo! Pattern Library finding a new home

The Yahoo! Pattern Library, that I founded, thanks to the insight of Irene Au (now at Google) will be moving homes from the Yahoo! Developer Network to (and a redirect from – which already has some of the content there from an experiment I did last year) sometime in the next couple of months. Bill Scott, myself and Christian Crumlish are going to be curators / shepherds to the library, making sure it has a life beyond Yahoo! and will be looking for others to collaborate with.

What was needed while I was at Yahoo!, has matured and been embraced into the culture and now is no longer owned by one person or one group.

With that, we are working with the folks at Yahoo! both in the Developer Network and in the UX team to move the content to the new host. Before going live, we will be rebranding it and coming up with ways to annex and open our space to host, point to and embrace other libraries. I consider our own Social Patterns suite one of the libraries that we will try to figure out how to integrate – even if only at a pointer level – but hopefully in a better way than just a pointer (especially since some of the patterns were already folded into the Y! Patterns).

We are not sure what all the work will be and how it’s all going to play out, but after 6 years of caring and feeding, through myself and 3 curators (Matt Leacock, Bill Scott and Christian Crumlish) it is nice to see that it won’t just be killed. I believe it adds value to the community and believe that others have ideas to contribute to its continuation in whatever form it takes.

If you are interested in participating let one of us know. We will probably add a wiki or a forum to the site for conversations and ideas.

current: experience matters design :: senior level interaction design and systems strategy consulting former partner, tangible user experience; Yahoo! founder of the public and internal Yahoo! pattern library. design director of ued teams responsible for designing solutions across key yahoo! platforms: social media, personalization, membership and vertical search.