Speaking about social interfaces at IxDA SF

Last night I spoke at the IxDA San Francisco October event. I did a little longer version of the talk than what Christian and I did at IDEA09 and I think it’s a better talk. The expansion riffed off what Christian did in Australia and is the beginnings of the framework for the workshop I will be doing at Web2.0 NY in November. This was the first time I did the talk by myself and it seemed to go really well. Folks seemed very interested in the material, asked a lot of questions and generally were very responsive. I gave out eight books and a lot of cards. Folks asked great questions and I ended up chatting with people for over an hour afterwards.

The event was held at the Armory – home of kink.com – and we ended up not playing the social game because everyone was getting tours of the armory. Hard to compete against that – since it’s a private company, people don’t often get to see the space and the sets.

I want to thank Aynne and Josh, who planned the IxDA event and Erik Gibb for hosting and being so incredibly organized. I had a great time and these guys made it so much easier.

Look for an announcement of a Game Night coming soon – we plan to have an IxDASF night to play Social Mania sometime in the next couple of months.

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