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1999 Season
Training for Anchorage

training log 1999
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updated 6/13/99

1999 Training Log for Anchorage, Alaska

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Date S Dist. Time Pace Route/Workout Comment
05/01/99 R 16.5M 4:27:51 3.7 Woodside - Huddart Park and Edgewood What a tough run. We did the Huddart park/Edgewood run again except with an additional 3 miles to add distance. Very tough hills and long course. I was very tired by the end of the run and wasnt sure I could make it but I did. I slept for 5 hours afterwar
05/03/99 out sick for rest of weekwith the flu
05/11/99 R 4.2M 1:00:00 4.2 Ran warm up mile and then the Stanford 5k course Was a difficult run after being sick all last week. My legs are ok but I was very winded and felt light headed. I could tell I hadnt done anything for a week
05/13/99 R 6M 1:12:00 5.0 Rancho San Antonio - Rogue trail Had a great run put Rogue trail and back - very speedy today - practising technique Ileen taught me.
05/15/99 R 19.3M 4:54:51 3.9 San Francisco to Tiburon Good long run today. Ran walked the first 13 miles and then Ileen ran with me for the last 6.3. She chatted while I shuffled. Overall was a great experience - no major aches or pains.
05/18/99 S 40:00 Eagle Park laps Swam for 40 minutes because I forgot my water belt. Worked on legs with kickboard for a long time
05/25/99 R 4M Track Workout Warmup for 4 laps - then began workout and did 4 laps but was very tired - lots of stress this week, had asthma attack when I stopped. Walked a couple of final laps
05/26/99 S 40:00 Pool at Apartments Swam laps and did leg workout with kickboard and then arm strokes only and then more laps
05/27/99 R 4.5M 1:08:00 4.0 Rancho San Antonio - Rogue trail Inconsistent run - walked out too fast then ran too soon. Couldnt feel my feet and my outer calves were cramping a lot. Crappy run
05/29/99 2:38:00 Huddart Park Richards Road and Chaparal Trail

Rancho San Antonio - Watertower

Went hiking with Sheila and did a long hike through Huddart along Richards Road and up to the Chaparal trail and then back down the Crystal Springs trail - basically the same route as our 9 mile run last season.

Later we went to Rancho and hiked up to the water tower and then down around the back horse trail.

Key to Sport (S) and Pace columns:
R=Running (pace in mph)
E=Ellipse Machine
K=Walking (pace in mph)