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1999 Season
Training for Anchorage

training log 1999
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updated 6/13/99

1999 Training Log for Anchorage, Alaska

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Date S Dist. Time Pace Route/Workout Comment
04/01/99 Y 1:00:00 Beginner Class good time - shoulders and back opening up
04/02/99 Y 1:30 From tape hard workout. Lots of leg strengthening work. Nice break from running
04/07/99 Y 1:00:00 Beginner Class Good workout - lots of work in the shoulders and back. Marti spent time working in our hands too. Very refreshing
04/08/99 R 4.5M 58:00 4.7 Baylands/Shoreline behind work Nice workout today. Ran for an hour and could have kept going but for going back to work.
04/10/99 R 13.5M 3:38:12 3.7 Woodside/Edgewood Park Extremely tough run today. Very hilly and mostly trails that were muddy and broken up by horse tracks. I went very slow because of uneven footing and the hills. I almost passed out at the end because I forgot to eat a 3rd GU and then burst into tears.
04/11/99 Y 1:30:00 Yoga hard class today. Lots of time spent in our hips.
04/13/99 R 5M 1:10:0 4.3 Track Workout Ladder routine tonight. Warmup, then we ran hard for 1 minute, easy 1 minute, then hard for 2, easy for 1, hard for 3, easy for 1, hard for 4, easy for 1, hard for 5 then back down. Intense!!! My shins really hurt for a few days after
04/14/99 Y 1:00:00 Beginner Class good cleansing class. really needed this after last night's track workout
04/18/99 C 9M 1:00:00 Ride to Stanford for stretching clinic Great ride from home to Stanford. Nice day out and good long ride. Worked out kinks in legs from track workout earlier in week.
04/19/99 C 8M 1:30:00 Ride to work Ride to work was difficult due to brake being stuck. Ride home only half as long and much easier.
04/20/99 R Track Workout skipped track workout because of intensity last week
04/21/99 Y 1:00:00 Beginner Class Good class despite back aches and PMS
04/24/99 A 2:15:00 Eagle Park pool Long time in the water. Could only last for a little over two hours
04/27/99 A 1:30 Eagle Park Pool Did my aquajogging thing instead of the track workout. Lasted an hour or so and then swam a few laps to make up the rest of the time.
04/28/99 Y Beginner Class missed class today because of a work meeting. I feel like a pretzel.
04/29/99 R 5.2M 1:20:00 3.9 Rancho San Antonio - Rogue trail Ran out Rogue and back with Ilene. She taught me a new running style that feels much better on the legs. I ran almost the whole way and only did a bit of run/walking at the beginning to warm up. It took us a while but was a good run.
Key to Sport (S) and Pace columns:
R=Running (pace in mph)
E=Ellipse Machine
K=Walking (pace in mph)