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1999 Season
Training for Anchorage

training log 1999
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updated 6/13/99

1999 Training Log for Anchorage, Alaska

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Date S Dist. Time Pace Route/Workout Comment
01/31/99 R 3.5M 47:00 4.5 Rancho San Antonio - Rogue trail - Run/walk routine 7/2 . walked 5 minute warmup. Went to farm and then out to the lake and back. From the farm I walked back to the parking lot for a good cool down. Wore new shoes - Adidas with the orthotics and got blisters on both insteps. Turns out the insole was too small.
02/01/99 C 35:00 Crosstraining / strength training Cycled for 35 minutes then did upperbody weights
02/02/99 R 2.0M 30:00 4.0 Run walk sequence through neighborhood 20 mintues total running. The rest was walking
02/03/99 Cross training / Strength training 30 minute stationary cycle, then leg weight workout
02/04/99 R 2.0M 30:00 4.0 Run walk sequence through neighborhood 25 mintues total - run 7, walk 2 for 3 sets
02/06/99 R 2.5M 35:00 4.3 Stanford campus - out and back first coaches run - limited to 35 minutes. My shins were screaming the whole way out but had settled down for a decent run back in. Did a walk /run workout. Ran in my old Asics with the orthotics.
02/07/99 R 2.0M 27:20 4.4 Neighborhood towards train station Run 7 /walk 2 cycle in new shoes and orthotics, Shins screaming for first two cycles.
02/07/99 Y 1:30:00 Yoga at Golds with Marti This was not an easy class. I noticed my shoulders were stronger for plank and downdog but my calves hurt when sitting on them. Very sweaty.
02/09/99 E 30:00 Cross training / Strength training Transport fr 30 minutes after running on treadmill for 6 minutes.
02/09/99 R ~0.8M 10:00 4.5 Treadmill This run stunk. My shins were screaming from the shoes with orthotics. Couldnt slow to walk quick enough. Switch to Ellipse machine.
02/11/99 R 2.8M 40:00 4.2 Run walk sequence through neighborhood Walk-2m / Run-3m sequence - worked much better - shins chilling out. No orthotics, stability shoes.
02/12/99 R 2.2M 30:00 4.4 Run/Walk combo Run walk combo in old shoes with new inserts. Not too bad. Some inside shin pain on pushoff. Hope to work through.
02/12/99 K 1.5M 28:00 3.2 med brisk walk walk to finish off workout after max. time limit on run
02/14/99 R 3.1M 39:40 4.7 Team in training 5k Did warm up around stadium, stretch, warmup again. Start 5k and do a run/walk sequence of 3run, 2 walk for course. Good time - felt pretty good throughout. Some side calf pain but worked out after getting warm
02/17/99 C 30:00 Cross training / Strength training 30 minute stationary cycle, then leg weight workout
02/18/99 R 3M 40:00 4.5 Track at School 5 minute warmup, then 40 minutes of run walk. Run 3m /walk 2m - feel pretty good. Will ice calves when I get home.
02/20/99 R 4.5M 1:02:44 4.3 Rancho San Antonio - Rogue trail Very slow run to the farm - was my warm up so overall average pace slow. Ran up the big hill at the lake. Second half felt great. Turn around at 34m but took only 28m to get back. Run/walk out 3/2 - Run/walk back 4/1
02/22/99 C 45:00 Cross training / Strength training 45 minute stationary cycle, then upperbody workout
02/23/99 R 2.6M 37:30 4.2 Neighborhood - Evelyn-Moorpark Ran first 7 minutes straight then switched to Run3/walk2. Felt pretty good and afterward stretched and used the roller on my shins and calves.
02/27/99 R 6M 1:20:14 4.5 Sawyer Camp Trail great run today. Kept it slow and steady and consisten. Did a run3 walk2 cycling. Felt great afterwards.
02/28/99 Y 1:30:00 Yoga heavy workout for the legs today. was not a restful class.
Key to Sport (S) and Pace columns:
R=Running (pace in mph)
E=Ellipse Machine
K=Walking (pace in mph)