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1999 Season
Training for Anchorage

training log 1999
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updated 6/13/99

1999 Training Log for Anchorage, Alaska

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Date S Dist. Time Pace Route/Workout Comment
03/02/99 R 4M Track workout Strides, lunges, squats, pushups, situps, and other torturous things this evening. Very little runnung.
03/03/99 Y 1:00:00 Beginner Class very nice class to counter balance the extreme workout from Tuesday.
03/06/99 R 7.20M 01:54:20 3.8 Rancho San Antonio - Upper Wildcat, Rogue Trail Wow. I ran for almost 34 more minutes than last week. Most of the first hour was going uphill. Very steep hills. Steep hills which I walked. Coming down was great and i ran the majority until the last mile - which I ran/walked in. I feel great!
03/07/99 Y 1:30:00 Yoga Tough class today. A lot of quad and hip flexor work.
03/09/99 R 4M Track workout good workout - not as hard as last week. We did skipping, lunges, hops, situps and pushups as well as some other stuff.
03/10/99 K 2.5M 38:00 3.9 Walking through neighborhood Nice brisk walk through neighborhood
03/10/99 Y 1:00:00 Beginner Class great class. lots of hamstring and shoulder work (my weak spot). I felt I made some leaps today and felt some tension open up in my shoulders.
03/11/99 R 3.5M 51:59 4.0 Run out baylands behind work Very tough run today. Legs were exeptionally tired and every step was painful and crampy. Was starting to work out by the end but shins still sensitive. Iced after run and good stretching.
03/16/99 R 4M Track Workout running warmup, stretching, lunges, skipping, squats, situps and pushups. good workout but I skipped the strides and ski exercises because the jumping and impact is really hard on my shins
03/17/99 Y 1:00:00 Beginner class great class - lots of shoulder and back work. I can feel my shoulders opening
03/18/99 R 4.2M 54:04 4.7 Baylands/Shoreline great run/walk session. the rest for the last few days paid off and my shins stayed under control. I also did a full round of stretching after warming up.
03/20/99 R 10M 2:20:41 4.3 Sawyer Camp Trail I broke the double digits-wow. I kept it slow and steady and had a good consistent, if slow, run. Gotta work on the walking speed and start to do some sprint work on the bike or in the water to get my speed up - but I finished ten, a big jump from the las
03/21/99 Y 1:30:00 Yoga great class today - lots of leg work and foot work. great for stretching out from yesterday.
03/23/99 R 4M Track Workout Warmup - 5 laps, lunges, skipping,squats, stair drills, pushups, situps, check cadence, mirror drill, cool down laps. Overall a good workout. Did not do the stride and hopping work.
03/24/99 Y 1:00:00 Beginner Class great class today. Lots of twists and lower back work.
03/25/99 skipped run
03/27/99 R 13M 2:49:36 4.6 Palo Alto Baylands great run today. I felt really good during the early part and kept a consistent pace throughout. In the middle I got a bit of a tightness from my inner right knee down the inside of my calf but was able to stretch and run through it. Stretch workshop afte
03/28/99 Y 1:30:00 Yoga Intense class. Lots of twisting and repetition of sequences for strength and endurance. The class flew.
03/30/99 R Track Workout Skipped workout - coming down with a sore throat and headaches.
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E=Ellipse Machine
K=Walking (pace in mph)