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November 1937 PM Cover

PM Magazine cover designed by Lester Beall

The artists included in this section were all contributors in some form or another during the run of PM and A-D. Many of these artists were considered 'finds' by Dr. Leslie and went on to have accomplished careers. For many emigre artists, PM and A-D offered them their first exposure to the US market. A large group of these artists studied at the Art Students League in New York, the National Academy of Design and Pratt Institute of Art. The magazine also featured several of the exhibitions sponsored by the AIGA, including the Fifty American Prints 1933-1938. In addition many of these artists were active in the various WPA Federal Art Programs of the 1930's. At the conclusion of publication the editors published a list of artists who contributed during the run. Through careful examination of each issue, I discovered that the editors inadvertently left some people off the list. They have been included here.

August-September 1941 AD Cover
A-D Magazine cover designed by Matthew Leibowitz

The level of contribution ranges from feature artists who designed the cover and their own feature section to artists who worked behind the scenes in the layout and design of printing features and the other text pages. Still others contributed illustrations that exemplified specific printing processes, art in a group article or just new, noteworthy and interesting illustrations. Over the course of the 66 issues, only four designers created more than one cover design: Martin J. Weber, who was the Art Director for most of the run of the magazine, Frederic Goudy (5/35, 2/37), Samuel Bernard Schaeffer (10/36, 10/37), and Paul Rand (10-11/38, 2-3/41)

The Contributors

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PM Birthday Party - 3 Years
Speaker's table: toastmaster John Clyde Oswald, guest of honor Norman T. A. Munder and PM Editor Dr. Robert Leslie; October 1937
Guests at the birthday party: Joseph Blumenthal, printer and type designer of The Spiral Press; A. G. Hoffman, art director, Rogers-Kellogg-Stillson; Andor Braun, designer for the Stratford Press; Georg Salter, artist. In the background: Milton I Strumpf and Irving B. Simon.
Listening to the presentations: Faber Birren, color expert, and artists Clarence P. Hornung and Ben Lewis.
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