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The A-D Gallery & Gallery 303
A-D Gallery


In 1936, Dr. Leslie, with the help of Hortense Mendel, began showing the work of emigre and young artists in an empty room in The Composing Room offices. Called the A-D Gallery, it was the first place in New York City dedicated to exhibitingthe graphic and typographic arts.

Dr Leslie "sells" before a Heritage of the Graphic Arts lecture at Gallery 303

Dr Leslie "sells" before a Heritage of the Graphic Arts lecture at Gallery 303. Mid to late 1960's.
photo Lisl Steiner

The first exhibit as described by Percy Seitlin: "A young man by the name of Herbert Matter had just arrived in this country from Switzerland with a bagful of ski posters and photgraphs of snow covered mountains. Also came camera portraits and various specimens of his typographic work. We decided to let him hang some of his things on the walls and gave him a party... the result was a crowd of almost bargain-basement dimensions, and thirsty too. Everyone was excited by the audacity and skill of Matter's work."

The A-D gallery was one of the only places in New York city for young artists to come into contact with the work of european emigresand soon became a social meeting place for designers to meet each other, as well as prospective clients and employers. Dr. Leslie knew many people in New York and went out of his way to introduce people to each other. The gallery and the magazine became mirrors of each other. Often a feature in the magazine would become a show and vice-versa.

In 1958, the gallery was reactivated and renamed Gallery 303, after it's room number. In addition to showcasing artist's work, the new gallery was became host to the lecture series, "Heritage of the Graphic Arts", held through the sixties.

The following pages represent a handful of invitations, imagery and keepsakes from various exhibits both at the A-D Gallery and Gallery 303.



The Composing Room - Gallery 303, late 1960's

The Composing Room - Gallery 303, late 1960's
photo: Lisl Steiner

Dr. Leslie with George Salter after a Gallery 303 lecture. Early 1960's.

Dr. Leslie with George Salter after a Gallery 303 lecture. Early 1960's.
photo: Lisl Steiner

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