Design References

Most of these books are on my bookshelf and I have read through almost all of them. I use some of them everyday and others are referenced to when tackling some gritty problems. Some I have had since I entered into designing for interactive media in 1994 and may seem a bit dated, but the principle ideas are sound and applicable as the media changes. Others are just interesting reading. General Design | Design History | Interaction/Information Design | Digital Media Theory | Design Theory, Criticism & Analysis | Usability | Community & Social Media

General Design Books & Other Books that All Designers should read

Design History & Selected Monographs

Design Theory, Criticism & Analysis

Digital Media / Hypertext Theory & Discussion

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Interaction/Interface Design

Information Architecture/Design

Usability for Designers

Community / Social Networks

I have spun out a whole Social Experience reading list over here based on the references I read for writing Designing Social Interfaces.