Graphs, Maps & Visualizations about COVID-19

All graphics copyright their respective owners. Only shown here as reference for Systems 2020 course.

Comparing the # of cases in New York vs. California and then New York City vs. SF Bay Area. Important to remember NY is exponentially larger in population than the SF Bay area and has a larger public transit system. March 31, 2020

Comparison of Bergamo versus Lodi Italy with their COVID-19 response differences. 2/24/2020 – 3/13/2020

Comparison of countries by number of days since 200 new cases in a week. March 31, 2020

Comparison of Cities. March 23, 2020

Comparison of countries at 10 deaths. March 21, 2020

Comparison of countries at 100 cases of COVID-19 – March 20th, 2020

Comparisons of countries after 100th case – data shown updated March 12, 2020

Comparison of differences between Kentucky versus Tennessee and spread of COVID-19 depending on state actions. March 6 – March 20, 2020

Comparison of Santa Clara County CA going into lockdown versus Miami-Dade County FL actions during the same time period. February 10 – March 18, 2020

Animation showing how social distancing and shelter in place can cut the number of COVID-19 cases

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