I am currently an Associate Professor at CCA teaching a variety of classes across the Interaction Design undergraduate and Graphic Design undergraduate programs. Check out my curriculum and resources as I expand my teaching practice.

Visual Interaction Design
This class is for sophomores and is a 15 week crash course in graphic design, visual design and brand for the IXD majors. They get type, color, grid, and brand development in 1 semester and learn to apply their skills in context of multi-channel digital and print delivery. [Syllabus] [Reading List]

IXD Foundations
This is a class for sophomores and covers the basics of Interaction Design processes, methods and mindsets across the 15 week semester. Course work introduces students to a variety of new tools and techniques that facilitate the crafting of design interactions from user interfaces to user experiences. Students develop skills in sketching, storyboarding, interviewing users, developing task flows, wireframes, high and low fidelity prototypes across a series of projects including a kiosk, a tablet app and an analog game. [Syllabus] [Reading List]

This class is for sophomores and I will be integrating systems design which covers systems thinking, mapping and modeling, wayfinding and information architecture with social interface design thinking as well since so much of developing a social design with reputation, identity, privacy, engagement and activities is essentially systems thinking. Students touch on behavioral economics and persuasion along with social systems and ethics. [Syllabus] [Reading List]

This is a junior level IXD course that follows on the heels of IXD Foundations and IXD Systems. Students spend the first half of the semester learning and understanding behavior in software (high fidelity prototyping using different tools and creating demos with film) and then the second half of the semester learning to create behavior change in people through nudges and simple persuasion techniques. The work is grounded in user research and demonstrated through video and high fidelity digital and analog prototypes. [Syllabus] [Reading List]

Advanced Visual Design
This is a cross IXD / Graphic Design elective class. The Advanced Visual Interaction Design class will focus on developing a visual design language across a system of screen types & delivery modes. The course will explore how aesthetics and design language influences and supports patterns of interactivity and behavior. Students will delve into micro-interactions, applying the visual language to a code library like BootStrap, developing tactics for multiple resolution delivery and telling stories through visualizing data. [Syllabus]