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Death Valley, Ca - February 2003
In late February 2003, I made a trip out to Death Valley as part of a four day photography workshop. The class toured all over to capture some of the sweet spots the valley offers. We also had a lot of free time to explore and find out vision.
Mono Lake, Ca - August 2002
August 15-18, 2002 Sheila and I spent four days camping at June lake and exploring on foot and in the jeep the cool landscapes surrounding Mono Lake. The Tufa formations were incredible and the overall landscape was otherworldly.
Taliesin, Arizona - August 2001
In late July, 2001, I attended the AIGA Advance summit in Scottsdale and afterwards I toured Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesen West compound. Awesome architecture and landscape are captured here.
Telluride, Colorado - August 2000
August 11 - 13, 2000 I spent at a conference at the Peaks resort above Telluride Colorado. It was incredible in its beauty and the drive down out of the mountains back to Grand Junction was breathtaking. The images are from the drive.
Mauii, Hawaii - April 2000
This past April 2000, a good friend of mine got married in Mauii. I was on the island for a week and spent the better part of two days hiking the depressed crater of Haleakala.
Hiking Haleakala
Haleakala - Around the Perimeter
More Hawaii Images - Mostly from my Hotel

Diana and Jovani's Wedding Pics
Alaska Trip - June 1999
My trip to Alaska was part of my Team In Training experience. After I finished the marathon I travelled for a week around the state.
Leaving Girdwood
Train Views
Seward Tour
Flightseeing Tour
Hawaii - Oahu and the Big Island of Hawaii - August 1997
In 1997, Sheila and I went to Hawaii for 4 days. We packed a lot in and these are a handful of pics I have managed to scan so far. The highlight was a day on the big island and going off road in a rented jeep.
New Mexico - October 1996
In 1996, I spent a week at the Santa Fe Photographic workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was October and the Aspens were turning. We chased the sunrise and sunset all over the state.
Images of Maggie - Before 1995
Maggie, the german shepherd, has accompanied me on several journeys, as well as all my moves. On various trips and places I photograph her. These are a few.
Santa Cruz, California - 1998
Santa Cruz is just over the mountain from us and we drive over frequently. These images are from last winter - we took two of Sheila's dogs with us to romp and play.
Loudoun County, Virginia
While I lived in Leesburg Virginia (1989 - 1992), I cruised around the county a lot shooting landscapes of the area. These images are from Leesburg, Waterford, Middleburg and various other areas in the county. The area is the beginning of the foothills to the Shenandoah mountains and full of vistas of the hills.

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