The Ultimate in Grids

I have long been a proponent of grid systems in design. After all, I started out as a print designer working on annual reports and other multipage projects. The grid has been harder to apply in reasonable ways online but I still love the order of working with an underlying structure and the challenge of when to break the grid for emphasis or when to keep a consistent experience.

Art directed by Hugh Dubberly based on a patent held by William Drentell and Jessica Helfand, this cool poster shows 892 ways a 3×4 rectangle (i.e. a webpage) can be divided up into a base grid.

Here’s the full assortment as a video:

The 892 ways to partition a 3×4 grid from thomas gaskin on Vimeo.

And last, but not least, a website that creates HTML code for an underlying grid for any combination.