Yahoo! Developer Network

Project Goals:
Overhaul look and feel and feature set of the Yahoo! Developer network to better serve current and future customers.

Functional Requirements:
Create a new visual design and updated information architecture. Add new functionality including the Message boards, Featured videos, API Key registration, Integration with Yahoo! Open Strategy Application Platform. Clean up content organization and rewrite all content for consistent voice and presentation.

1 project owner and lead
1 Visual Designer
1 Interaction Designer
1 Prototyper /front end developer
Development team for back end and middle layer, project manager, other matrixed stakeholders

We assessed the current situation and developed a grid approach to the design. We then mapped a phased approach to the design overhaul.

We conducted a full content audit to understand the existing content.  We prioritized the content and editorial changes and additions based on site logs and importance of areas. Content audit and editorial plan for phased releases.

From there a concept model was created by the Interaction Designer and the team used this tool to help understand goals for the project, areas to add now versus later releases and generally guide the vision.

The concept model led to a robust information architecture and sitemap for the site and helped define the different page types. Full size wireframes with strawman copy were created for each page in the site. API pages with their associated content were given to the product owners and technical documentation writes for review.

Visual explorations looked at a range of options and once we settled on a direction user testing was conducted to help refine labeling and navigation ideas.

The final site was produced with a very small development team and heavily scheduled with a top-level set of pages release first and drops of subsquent pages happening every 2 weeks following to complete delivery.