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1999 Season

training log 1998
september 7, 1998

Pacific Sun 10K

My first 10K. I got up at 5:15 and did the whole shower and dog routine. Ileen picked me up at 10 of 6. I saw Sandie out with her dogs this morning. This is too early.

The 10k was up in Marin, past Sausolito near Larkspur. It is very pretty up there and we saw dawn over the Bay when we were crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. It was georgeous. There are good things to be said about getting up early.

At the site, we registered, I ate a banana, we stood in the very long bathroom line and then did a warmup lap and stretched. I met up with Diana, Shari and Kathy. We milled around before the race with everyone and stretched more. There was a sea of Team in Training shirts. This was an all team run so runners from the whole Northern California Chapter were here.

At 8:05 the first wave of fast runners took off and five minutes (8:10 am) later we took off. We went to the back and pretty much stayed there the whole race. The run was through really cute neighborhoods. We chatted as we ran and tried to stay at a slow, steady pace. I was surprised that I didn't feel too bad in the first two miles. 5 days of rest really help. We were behind this walker/runner woman who would not let us pass the whole race. Everytime we came up on her and made to pass she would pick up speed. It was very weird.

About the time we hit the first water, the first runner of the first wave was coming back on the other side. Wow - he was so fast! Something to strive for.

In the 3rd and 4th mile I started to really relax and get into the groove. At mile three our time was 39:48. So about a 13 minute mile. Kathy and I were pacing together so we stayed together for most of the race. We checked out cadence and we were right at 90. Mile 3 and 4 felt real good. On the way to the 5th mile I thought we would never get to the end. I need to come up with some mind games.

Just after the 5 mile mark they had another water stop and I made the mistake of throwing water on my shirt - stupid - too cold. I felt my energy level drop significantly in the 5 to 6 mile portion. I am going to have to get some of that GU and try that. I ended up walking several little portions in the 6th mile. At the end of the race they sent us around the track and I had the erenegy to run that. As I came around the far curve of the track (all by myself - cause Kathy kept going when I was walking) the Team in Training people started cheering me on. That was so cool. Then Sandie and Craig started to cheer - "go Erin". I picked up the pace and finished strong, and I wasnt dead last. Plus I had no calf or knee pain during the whole run.

My final time for the 6.2 miles was 1:22:XX. Not sure of the second. Works out to about 13:22 per mile. So I definitely slowed down in the last three mile. It was all that walking after the 5th mile.

Cold water bath and a nap when I got home.