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1999 Season

training log 1998
september 29, 1998

Track workout

Tonight was another sort of relay exercise.

We did 4 laps of warmup and then our stretching routine. At 6:30 sharp we were broken upt into 3 groups. Wave 1 and 2, wave 3 and 4 and wave 5 and 6.

Each group had a different distance to run and as each finished they handed off to the next. So unlike last time where we were one on one, each group ran together. Our group had to run a 440.We were the first to go and then we got to rest while group 2 and then group 3 ran. They had longer distances to run but since they are faster it didnt' really matter. We did this 8 times. By the middle I was running a 2:20 lap and averaged around 2:30. It was pretty fun.

We then did a cool down mile and then stretched.

Afterwards a bunch of us went to get some dinner.