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1999 Season

training log 1998
september 15, 1998

Coaches Workout

Finally a Tuesday night where we didn't have to run around the stadium or do that 5k course. Ah, but boy did they have a treat in store for us instead. HILL REPEATS.

This was not a fun substitution.

We ran about 2 miles through Stanford campus and out past campus to the foothills and the trails that are behind campus. This is very hilly and there is a monster hill right at the front of the trail system.

I felt pretty good for most of the run out to the hill. I ran with Diana and was able to keep my pace and chat. I was running slower than Saturday but we didn't do any warm up at all. Just light stretching and go - on a lot of pavement.

My shins were starting to get a bit sore by the time we got to the hill. So we stretched some and then Coach Vince started us off.

Run up the hill. Run down the hill. Run up the hill. Run down the hill. Run up the hill. Run down the hill.

The hill was much longer when we were actually running it than it seemed from the bottom.

I couldn't run the whole thing and had to walk for a short part, catch my breath and then start running again. Running down was good. It was down. Our group only had to do this 3 times. The amount of times up and back depended on our time in the 10k. The really fast people did the hill 5 times in the same amount of time and they were flying past us. It is bad when people are running uphill faster than you can run when it is flat.

Once the hill hell was over we had to run the 2 miles back to the Stadium and our cars. I ran back with a girl named Courtney, who is also a graphic designer. We were running a little faster than Diana and Kathy, so we went ahead. It felt pretty good and we were able to talk a bit. I can tell my aerobic capacity is getting better. Once my lungs catch up I will be able to run at a faster pace. My legs don't usually tire out as fast(so far).

I can tell I am improving and getting stronger. My recovery time is getting better and if I can get used to the pavement and harder impact running I will be ok.