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1999 Season

training log 1998
september 12, 1998

8 Miles at Rancho

We got to Rancho around 7:30 am. Most people were already there getting the instructions for where we were going to run. We stretched a little and Sandie, Keith and I went a different way than where the rest of the group went. We took the trail out to the farm, stretched and made a pit stop and then took the trail back behind the farm. This part of the trail is a steady incline for what seemed like a mile or so. It took forever and I had to walk quite a bit. I wasn't able to keep up with Sandie and Keith, but at the end of that part of the trail they waited for me and we ran down together. The trail (downhill from here) came out back by the parking lots and then we headed back out tot he farm The morning was georgeous and there were tons of people there.

For most of this portion, we ran together. Once we headed back out to the farm, I fell behind but they were in view the whole way. I was starting to feel pretty good by this time.

At the farm we got some water and I tried the Power Gel for the first time. What nasty stuff that is. I had Vanilla and it was like eating thin toothpaste. GAG!!!

At the farm we were 4 miles into the run. The next phase was out the Rogue trail. This is not too bad but there are a couple of rough hills along the way. Keith bailed a little way into this portion due to a hurt foot. I was about 30 seconds to a mintue behind Sandie, and she was constantly in view. The other group passed us on their way back in from their run. They all looked pretty tired and we found out later they had done the really hard hill up to the high meadow.

as we headed out to the end of the trail at one point I thought I would keel over if I had to climb up another hill. At the end of the trail, the turnaround point, Sandie waited for me. We ran back together (about 2 1/2 miles back to the parking lot).

On the run back I was feeling really good and seemed to hit my stride in terms of pace and breathing and was even able to talk a little bit. I was running in pace with Sandie and we were chatting a bit. Sandie was asking me questions, trying to keep my mind off of running. I asked her if she was running slow to stay with me and she said no, I was keeping up with her.

That was so cool. I was running faster than before and was feeeling great. We ran together all the way back in and I didnt walk at all. At the farm we stopped for some water and then continued on. Near the end of the run I was ready to walk - all of a sudden everything started to hurt - but Sandie shamed me into completing what I had started and reminded me that it was my head that needed to be goaded into not wimping out. She was right and it meant so much more to run to the end of the trail.

8 miles

Pretty cool

I felt great the rest of the weekend. Especially after the ice cold bath and many ibuprofen.