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1999 Season

training log 1998
september 1, 1998

Coaches track run

We ran that blasted 5k course again tonight. The routine was the same as last week - run around the stadium for a warm up. Then stretch. Diana and Shari were with me stretching before the warmup and then took off on the 5k. I thought they took off on the warmup so looked for them during that phase and the stretching part but they were nowhere to be found.

When we started running the course I was up in the pack running a faster pace than normal. I kept this up for the first half mile but pooped out after the first turn and had to back off. I was running with a new woman and we took periodic walk breaks but I started too fast and never got mygroove.

I was looking for Diana and Shari but never found them. I didnt know they had gone off early until the end. I ended up walking a bunch because my knee was bothering me. The tightness in my calf wouldnt go away. I think it is time to make an appoinment at SMI.

The end of the 5k was a run around the stadium and then down onto the track. My run was bad. I definitely can tell the difference when I work a full day.

On the track we did lunges, strides and backwards running. Then we ran 1/2 way around the track to check out cadence. The first time mine was at 72. Vince said we should be up around 90. So we did it again and I sped up and was at 87. Something to work on. He says we will use less energy and have less injury/pounding when we run lighter and with higher turnover.

The 10k is Monday. AGGHHHH!