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1999 Season

training log 1998
august 30, 1998

spokane - run on my own

Today is the 5k time trials back at home. I am visiting family so I run on my own. Vince said those of us not able to be there for the time trials should run 6 miles or so. Ok.

I got out around quarter of 8. It was already hot. I walked and jogged down my uncles 1/4 mile drive to warmup. At the mailbox I stretched and then took off down the gravel road. This was a nice surface to run on.

I combined a blend or running 7 or 8 minutes with a 1 minute walk for most of the time. My goal was to run the same time I ran the week before rather than mileage. Especially since I have no idea how far I actually went.

The course I ran was pretyy hilly but very pretty. Somewhere near my turnaround a couple of dogs rushed me and I had to walk very slowly across the street so I wouldn't get attacked.

The run overall was pretty good. I could feel my right calf tightening up and some tension in my right knee.

I ran a total time of 1hour 12 minutes. The hills were pretty hard. Then I did a cool down walk down the 1/4 mile drive and stretched fully before going inside.

I took an ice cold bath before my shower. This really seemed to help alleviate the stiffness that I felt last week. We went out shopping the rest of the day.