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1999 Season

training log 1998
august 25, 1998

coaches workout

tonight we ran the 5k course again. running felt good - the woman I was running with - Diana - and I were making pretty good time but then had to take a pit stop. By the time we got out of the bathroom and back to the course, the pack was long gone. We walked a little bit but did the course in about 35 minutes. The coaches added a second run around the stadium so the course had two this week. We only did the first one as we were the last ones in and the groups were breaking up.

The rest of the training we were in four groups and we did the sprints again. I ran as hard as I could and began to feel it in my shins. So I had to run lighter and ease off a little bit. Then we did lunges - lunging down the track was pretty funny and we got a few good laughs out of that. What we didnt know was that the next thing we did - running backwards and forwards and backwards again- was even weirder looking. But sort of fun

We had a good time and it was a lot of hard work.