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1999 Season

training log 1998
august 22, 1998

Sawyer Camp Trail

This run was both great and awful. For the first time since I began running my legs hurt most of the run.

We met the team at the parking area and did awarm-up run over the bridge and back and then did our stretching routine. At around 8:15 am we headed off for the SIX mile run. The trail is a biking, walking, roller blading trail so is paved with only a small area on either side of the path where you could run on unpaved surface. I tried to run on this and keep off the paved area as much as possible.

I was very tired starting out - the first full week takes some getting used to. I started slow and stayed with the bunch who run at my pace. The coaches emphasized that no one should run alone and that this is a team. I kept pace with Chuck and we ran the first mile at a 12minute pace. We both decided that was too fast and slowed down. The first two miles were hell and I was thinking how am I ever going to do 26 miles. This sucks big time. By the time we were into the third and fourth mile I felt better and was in my groove. We were chatting and talking to walkers we were passing. The rest of the team was passing us going the other way and would yell "GO TEAM" as they passed and "GOOD JOB." This was pretty cool and really reinforced the accomplishment of running so far. It wasn't too bad. In the fifth and sixth mile we joined up with another guy and he and Chuck were chatting. Every now and then this other guy would ask how I was doing. I guess it showed that by this time my legs hurt and I really just wanted to lay down and sleep. I was so tired. I wanted to walk, but I didnt - except when I was drinking water. Haven't mastered that trick yet of running and drinking at the same time.

Anyway - we picked up speed for the last 1/8th mile and then ran in strong to the finish area. The team cheered us in and it was way cool. I ran the whole six miles without walking any significant portion of it (I dont count a few seconds of walking while drinking). A first for me.

We all streteched and iced knees and legs after the run and were on our way home by 10:00am.

The honoree picnic was at 2pm and I went to see Galen. He is a cutie and I will post pictures as soon as they are developed. My knees were killing me from the morning run and I wondered how I was going to survive a marathon without becoming crippled.w