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1999 Season

training log 1998
october 15, 1998

Dr. Appointment

I went to see Dr. Fredericson today to get a plan for recovery and easing back into training. Since Dr. Fredericson knows the TNT program I felt he would be able to give me a fair assessment and plan.

I thought at the worst he would say ease off for a while and start back to do the marathon in Maui.

Instead he put me in a cast for three weeks. When he told me he was going to do that I started crying. Then on the cast room I was crying again and then again at the check out counter.

I am so disappointed that I won't be able to finish the season. I am upset that I can't run or do anything for awhile. I didn't know how I would drive home or walk my dog.

Needless to say I was a mess and even though I know it was the right thing it is still hard to accept the reality of not being able to finish the training with my friends.

He said I could get back to training about 8 weeks after the cast comes off and would be able to do the June Marathon. That is Alaska so that would be cool but it is still a hard thing to accept