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1999 Season

training log 1998
october 10, 1998

Regional run at Palo Alto Baylands - Water Jogging

It was a gorgeous day and not too cold. Today's run was very hard and terrific to be at. Since I can't run I worked the water stops and cheered the runner's on. It is great to be part of the team. Everyone was asking why I wasn't running and couldn't believe I broke my foot. We (Craig and I and a couple of other people) cheered everyone both at the first water stop and again at the last water stop. It looks like people are getting used to the long running. We had a good time and the time really went by fast. Much faster than when I am running.

It was difficult to not be running with my friends but I will be back.

At the finish I talked to Robert and to Vince and they both feel since this wasn't a running injury that if I follow the schedule religiously with crosstraining and aquajogging I should be able to come back strong and do the marathon.

Robert suggested I call the office on Monday and see what Sylvia says in case I can't come back strong. I would want to roll over my fundraising to the next season and maybe do the Maui marathon. So I will call and see what they say.

After the workout, Sandie, Craig and I went to Hobees for lunch and then we went and got my own aqua jogger belt.

This afternoon I ventured into the pool and did 10 minutes of warm-up in the heated pool and then moved to the cold deep pool. I jogged for 2 1/2 hours. I went through 3 CD's and felt pretty good. The music really makes a difference. Third Eye Blind is good but the Billy Joel album was not fast enough. I think I will try some swing later this week.

After 2 1/2 hours I was freezing and hungry and moved to the warm pool to warm down and warm up. I swam a few laps and then got a huge cramp in my calf which I spent the next 10 minutes stretching out.

I was sore for the rest of the evening and did a really good round of stretching before I went to bed.