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1999 Season

training log 1998
october 1-3, 1998

I stayed home again on Thursday and kept my foot elevated and wrapped in ice packs. It is now turning a lovely purple color but isn't too swollen. I can sort of walk on the inside of my foot, but am really being conscious of staying off of it.

I went to work on Friday but took the ice packs and stayed at my desk most of the day. I wrapped the ankle with one of those neoprene ankle braces and it seems to help. Ibuprofen helps too. I went to SMI for calf work and it was torture. Especially on top of a swollen and hurt foot.

I stayed off the foot for most of the weekend too to help the healing. It seems to feel worse in the morning after I have been sleeping. I have tried to sleep with the foot elevated but it is hard to do. I have also been taking off the wrap in the middle of the night because of swelling.